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To anyone visiting the Insights section of our website for the first time, welcome and please don’t be shy in coming forward to ask questions and starting a conversation with us. We’re always here to help!

Hopefully, our new website has provided you with lots of information about DB Charles Recruitment and what we’re hoping to achieve in terms of helping businesses find the perfect candidate and candidates find the perfect job. But that’s not all, we’re also here to consult, advise and support in all aspects of recruitment, not just with the immediate need to fill a vacancy.

Over 10 Years’ Experience in Recruitment

In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some brilliant recruiters in action, but I’ve also seen recruitment falling short of the high standards I’ve always set for myself. That’s what spurred me to found a genuine recruitment consultancy that will work tirelessly to consistently deliver exceptional recruitment services, with integrity and dependability at its core.

For me, recruitment is all about understanding problems and how to overcome them, and this idea is engrained within the business. The name Charles is not only my middle name, but also that of my grandfather who served as a rear gunner aboard a Lancaster bomber during World War II, completing over 55 missions. Thrust into this life as a young man, his courage and determination in the face of adversity was a constant source of inspiration to me growing up, and ultimately, has given me the courage and belief to achieve my goal of starting a business with lofty ambitions.

I talk a little more about my grandfather’s influence in this short video…

More than Your Everyday Recruitment Agency

The recruitment industry is one of the biggest and most competitive, however, as with any service industry, continual improvement and evolving to meet the changing needs of your clients is essential. At DB Charles, we believe our motivation, work ethic and forward-thinking approach gives us a definite edge over our competitors. It’s not a case of filling jobs, making a quick buck and moving on, we pride ourselves on providing a genuine recruitment consultancy service that will add tremendous value to businesses and put smiles on candidates’ faces. That’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

When you partner with DB Charles to achieve your goals and ambitions, either as a client or candidate, you can trust that we’ll always be working with your best interests at heart. Whether you’re a candidate seeking career advice or your next opportunity, or a client needing new staff or recruitment consultancy to help take your business to the next level, please reach out to DB Charles Recruitment on 01727 837989 or [email protected].