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That first impression isn’t made when the candidate meets you at the interview, it’s the advert they see, the job description they read, the first email or phone call they receive…

We live in an age where brand perception and market reputation is key, especially from a recruitment perspective. If you want to attract and retain the best talent available, you should take strides to create a favourable impression throughout the recruitment process.

1. Preparation

2. Recruitment

3. Aftercare

Long before interviews get underway, we’ll work with you to develop an effective recruitment process.

You might already have a recruitment process in place, but is it working as well as it could? Do you know how to craft a job ad that will stand out in a competitive marketplace, or a job description that perfectly sums up what you’re looking for? Is recruitment and employment law all a bit foggy? We can advise you on all aspects of recruitment, including salary surveys and the best ways to approach agency sourcing, so you’ll be fully prepared when the time comes to source fresh talent.

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Your job ad was a big success and you’ve got lots of suitable candidates eager for a chance at the role. Now what?

We know your time is precious, but we also know how important it is to shortlist the right candidates for interview, so we’ll work with you to ensure applications are handled correctly and the best talent is unearthed. We’ll support you throughout the interview process, coordinating video interviews if necessary, while providing practical feedback to unsuccessful applicants. We’re also happy to consult on salary and benefits packages to help ensure your offer is accepted.

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We’ve helped you find the perfect addition to your team, but our recruitment consultancy services don’t end there...

From creating welcome packs and new starter plans to identifying training requirements and techniques for improving staff retention, DB Charles are with you every step of the way. Our all-encompassing recruitment framework will ensure candidates are fully supported during and after probation periods, so your new recruits will settle into their role with minimal disruption. We’re also on hand to offer advice and guidance during disputes and to help implement exit interview strategies.

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DB Charles Recruitment
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sam odigiesam odigie
19:37 02 Jun 23
I had a exceptional experience with DB Charles Recruitment and David. David was highly professional and dedicated in helping me secure my first software developer position. He provided valuable guidance, excellent communication throughout, also valuable knowledge on what companies are looking for. Thanks to their efforts especially David, I received a great offer that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend DB Charles Recruitment for their exceptional support and personalized approach.
Christian EreiraChristian Ereira
13:34 24 May 23
DB Charles Recruitment has helped me secure a great role as my first developer job. David has been amazing to work with throughout the whole recruitment process. With frequent communication, detailed advice, and great support, he really helped to lower the stress and nerves that usually come with interviewing.David is extremely supportive and his help with interview preparation is invaluable.David made the process as simple and enjoyable as possible and I couldn't recommend him enough!
Tino TomTino Tom
08:48 29 Mar 23
DB Charles Recruitment is an excellent recruitment company that provides exceptional service to its clients. As a job seeker, I found David to be very supportive throughout the entire process. He was prompt in responding to my queries, provided me with regular updates, and helped me prepare for the interviews. Thanks to this I was able to secure a job before graduation.Overall, I had a fantastic experience working with DB Charles Recruitment, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a job.
Sandy GordonSandy Gordon
08:56 07 Nov 22
I can certainly say that David is one of the best recruiters in the industry. He has been very supportive and understanding throughout the entire process. Great communication, very responsive and motivates you every step of the way. I would highly recommend DB Charles Recruitment!
Jamie OwsiankaJamie Owsianka
00:16 21 Oct 22
I’ve recently landed a job with DB Charles recruitment, and it has been a wonderful experience.I’ve previously applied with other recruiters, where I’ve minimal communication, and just felt like a number to fill a quota.In contrast, David has given advice and tailored the application process to my needs, leading to what is a friendly, bespoke and effective approach.Throughout the application, we’ve been in frequent contact, settling any issues I have had, and helping prepare me for interviews, nurturing me as a candidate and allowing me to present myself in the best way possible.I now have a position that suits me extremely well, and I can’t recommend DB Charles recruitment more highly.
J FlintJ Flint
15:46 02 Aug 22
David is very professional with the way he handles clients. David will spend as much time as needed supporting you in understanding the next steps of an interview. David goes above and beyond in his work and would happily call you at 9pm to offer support or discuss things with you. David is very transparent and honest in his work. When discussing opportunities, I genuinely feel David wants the best for me and he’s not pressuring me into accepting an offer from his clients to receive his pay check. There’s a lot of over promising and under delivering in recruitment but David promises and delivers more than you need to help you. David has even offered to support me during my other interviews through other agencies. His professionalism is unmatched and no one in his field comes close. I cannot stress how much I would recommend using David, whether you are searching for work or looking for employees. David is the best of the best.
Andras KelemenAndras Kelemen
14:16 22 Jun 22
David did an absolutely amazing job as a recruiter I just got my first job as a developer thanks to him. From start to finish you never felt alone in the process he always checked back and genuinely cared about what you are looking for and find the best way to suit your needs. I can't recommend him enough! If I will ever need a recruiter he is on the very top of my list. Many thanks David!
Patriks LorePatriks Lore
15:20 26 May 22
Working with David has been the highlight of my professional career. He is passionate, attentive and most importantly caring about what he does and the people he works with. David was there throughout all steps of the hiring process for me, making sure I was prepared for the interviews, checking in with me and doing so much from his side to ensure the process was going as smoothly as possible.I honestly can not recommend their services enough, I felt cared and looked after and ultimately was able to negotiate an almost double salary jump with his help. Thank you David!
Gemma RuffGemma Ruff
19:14 05 May 22
I could not rate David highly enough! Completely dedicated to finding the right position for you, excellent and speedy communicator, and really does go above and beyond to make sure you're happy.  David's excellent reputation with employers really helps set you off on the right foot, and ensures quick responses from them. Just over a week after contacting David, I had been offered a fantastic job!David goes that extra mile throughout the recruitment process, from regular check-ins, to providing feedback and help with interview preparation. David's genuine interest in you and finding the perfect fit shines through and makes an often nerve-wracking process so much easier.Would highly recommend to anyone, thank you so much David!
Sebastian MeckovskiSebastian Meckovski
20:01 04 Feb 22
Got my first job as software developer through this recruiter. Can't recommend David highly enough. Very well defined recruitment process, everything from the start till the very end was very clear, I knew what was going on at every step of the journey, communication was on point.A bit more paperwork than on my previous IT job during the recruitment, however, for me it was an indication of professionalism and the fact they take their job seriously. I think it's also great as it filters out the candidates who "kind of want the job".David was also very helpful with making the right decision. When changing jobs, you can never be 100% sure whether the company you're applying for is right for you and whether you're a good fit for the company. And this is where this recruiter is really good at - basically making sure that the right person gets the job.

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