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Code of Conduct

As a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), we are subject to the REC’s Code of Professional Practice, which is available here.

The REC Code of Professional Practice offers a procedure whereby clients or candidates who have engaged the services of a REC member can complain about breaches of that Code of Professional Practice by that member.

The REC accepts complaints and queries relating to the standards of best practice of its members. It is a condition of membership that we have in place a Complaints Procedure, therefore, before referring a complaint to the REC, we would encourage you to use our Complaints Procedure. Please contact David Bass on 01727 837 989 or email [email protected] in the first instance, or for further information.

The REC Professional Standards Team are not able to:-

  • investigate the conduct of an agency that is not a member of the REC;
  • offer legal advice;
  • intervene to decide disputes of a legal nature, or contractual or commercial disputes, or those driven by competition;
  • decide disputes between members and their employees or employers;
  • instigate a formal complaints procedure whilst any legal, tribunal or court action is ongoing or unresolved;
  • suspend or expel a member (this decision can only be made by the Professional Standards Committee);
  • make an agency apologise.

Please note: the REC complaints procedure does not deal with compensation in any respect.