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Code of Conduct

At DB Charles, we are committed to uphold our internal Code of Conduct, Ethics & Standards. The principles outlined below are the foundation of the DB Charles ethos.

DB Charles will observe the highest principles of integrity, professionalism and fair practice in dealing with companies, candidates, and employees; and will respect the confidentiality of data in accordance with law and good business practices.

DB Charles will take all reasonable steps to provide our clients with accurate details on each candidate’s employment qualifications and experience; and will only show those who have given us permission to represent their application for employment.

DB Charles will supply candidates and employees with full and accurate information as provided by the client, regarding the terms of employment, job descriptions and workplace culture.

DB Charles will not recruit, approach or entice a candidate whom we have previously placed to leave the employ of our client, nor will we encourage candidates to leave any temporary assignment before the stated completion date.

We will not restrict the right of a candidate or employee to accept employment of their choice.

For more information on our code of conduct please contact us.