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Ask yourself… What do I need? When do I need it? Why do I need it? How do I go about getting it? Whether you’re a business looking to put an effective recruitment process in place or a candidate seeking a new challenge, these are the questions we can help you answer.

When deciding which recruitment agency to put your trust in, consider the potential impact of making a bad hire or landing in the wrong job… Research shows that someone on an annual salary of £42k could end up costing a business £132k a year if they turn out to be unsuited to the role; not to mention, the damage done to a person’s confidence if they find themselves on the wrong career path.

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You don’t have to figure it all out on your own, speak to DB Charles for a thorough review of your recruitment and employment options.

The Process


Discovering Your Individual Needs

When was the last time a recruitment consultant hot-desked from your office so they could fully immerse themselves in your company and culture? Or spent time with you, learning about your personal goals and career aspirations? At DB Charles, we don’t specialise in particular sectors, we specialise in recruitment. We believe recruitment expertise means gleaning insight from first-hand experience of your particular circumstances and turning that insight into an effective plan of action.

Creating an Effective Recruitment Framework

Does your business have a recruitment process in place that will help you attract and retain the best talent? DB Charles can help you create an effective recruitment plan (or analyse and improve an existing one) to ensure you’re fully prepared at every stage of the recruitment process – before, during and after. Together, we’ll devise an efficient approach that achieves the results you’re looking for with minimal disruption to your business operation.


Putting the Plan into Action

We’ve determined your individual needs as a client or candidate and put a detailed roadmap in place, now we need to execute the plan. Doing the recruitment legwork yourself can be time-consuming, while partnering with a 3rd party agency can lead to mixed results, so what’s the solution? By continuing to partner with DB Charles, you can rest assured that our tailored consultancy services will result in a faster, more effective hire, and a better candidate experience.

Continued Support & Aftercare

We've found the perfect match for client and candidate, and the job offer has been accepted, but the process doesn't end there. Some agencies will cut ties with the candidate and client once their fee has been taken and the agreed refund period has elapsed, but that certainly isn’t the case with DB Charles. We're in it for the long haul. If this sounds like the specialist recruitment service you've been looking for, let's make good things happen...


DB Charles took the time to understand my experience, my expectations and what motivates me, and by taking that time to understand me as an individual I was put forward for a role that not only aligned with my skill set, but also my personal development goals. My experience of working with DB Charles Recruitment was very positive and through their encouragement my own self confidence has grown.

Without DB Charles I feel we would certainly have recruited the wrong person. David took the time to fully immerse himself in our business so he'd understand the specific requirements of the role, while setting realistic timelines of what and how he would be doing things. His patient approach meant he presented an initial CV for a candidate that was perfect for the role.

David is a reassuring, encouraging and reliable communicator who treated me as an individual, addressing any questions or concerns I had however small. I have recommended DB Charles Recruitment to friends looking for new challenges, and would recommend them to any business looking to recruit.

From the first meeting to establish the type of employee we were after to the follow-up calls/emails after successful recruitments, DB Charles have been a pleasure to work with. Their professionalism and commitment through every step of the process has made things very much easier for us, and they've found us some very strong candidates giving us some tough recruitment decisions. We will certainly work with them again and would definitely recommend to others.

The level of service was great. I really enjoyed the journey from our first conversation to the wonderful news of getting the job. Always willing to work around me, even if that was at 11pm, the personal service I received helped me a lot. I would recommend DB Charles Recruitment to anyone looking for a job – the result I got was the best Christmas present I could have asked for!

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