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The reality is, in the field of recruitment, many agents prioritise turnover over providing the very best service for their clients. They see recruitment as a numbers game, filling as many vacancies as possible without ever finding the best candidates. By slashing their recruitment fees they make their services attractive to clients, but rather than a benefit, clients should see this as a warning sign.

Cut price recruitment fees will always result in a “bargain basement” service, which is not what you need when you’re looking for a long-term hire.

A Trusted Recruitment Partner

Working with a recruiter should be more than just a quick fling. You need a long-term partner who forges a lasting relationship with you and understands your business and sector inside out.

By taking the time to talk to you and ask all the right questions, they can determine your requirements and give you advice about what you need and how much you’ll have to pay to get it.

Most importantly, a recruitment consultancy partner will not simply charge a fee, fill the role and move on, they will help you refine your recruitment processes, create a comprehensive plan and provide the aftercare you need to put new starter plans in place, handle probation periods and boost staff retention rates.

Cheap Vs. ‘Value for Money’

The practice of slashing fees for the sake of turnover is not sustainable. It simply ends in an enormous waste of money, time and resources. The “bargain” recruitment process routinely has to be repeated, either immediately, when no suitable candidates are found, or worse still, several months down the line when candidates hand in their resignation or have to be dismissed.

With a full-fee recruiter comes the promise that you’ll get the right candidate quickly and with minimal stress and disruption. The recruiter has immediate access to a deep pool of talent that they’re continually working on building and developing. This gives them a thorough understanding of the skills, personality and work history of every individual on their file.

They say it’s hard to find good people, but not if it’s something you invest in over time. By developing networks and building relationships, we’re perfectly positioned to identify and call upon the right candidates when they’re needed. Remember, in recruitment you get what you pay for, and the wisest decisions are made by businesses that prioritise value over price.

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