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How many of us have turned up for the first day of a new job, only to find that our arrival comes as a complete surprise to the employer?

Regardless of the level of their career, the first few days of any job are nerve-racking, so you should really go out of your way to help new recruits settle in. It’s one thing to get them to sign on the dotted line, but it’s the welcome you give them and the effort you make now which will determine how quickly they’re up to speed and how long they stay with the company.

The new starter or ‘onboarding’ process is an extremely hot topic at the moment, and rightly so. Research by ADP DataCloud found that more than a quarter of all new employees leave a position within the first 60 days. However, a study by the Wynhurst Group found that with a structured onboarding process in place, new starters were 58 percent more likely to still work for the company after three years.

What Form Should the New Starter Process Take?

The first step to any new starter process is to make sure all the physical objects the employee needs to do their job are in place. Things like a desk, computer, telephone, employee handbook and access to company procedures and policies must all be provided. It can also be extremely frustrating for the person tasked with carrying out the induction if these fundamentals are not in place.

A survey carried out by an office supply company found that:

  • 15 percent of employees were not introduced to their co-workers;
  • 22 percent didn’t have the supplies they needed;
  • 14 percent didn’t even get a tour of the office;
  • Yet despite that, 92 percent of HR managers felt their onboarding process was effective!

A successful new starter process will also make an individual feel welcomed, valued and important right from the outset. This extra effort should not just be made for the first few days or weeks of their new job, but should last right up to the point where they are settled into their new role and feel a part of the company’s DNA.

A Few Things to Consider

There’s no right or wrong way to implement a new starter process, but many companies simply don’t have the resource, structure, processes or inclination to make new recruits feel at home.

A few things that should be considered when putting a new starter process plan in place include:

  • Asking the new starter to arrive at a time when everything will be in place;
  • Organising a buddy to show the new starter around and take them to lunch etc;
  • Giving them a tour of the office;
  • Providing an overview of the company and policies;
  • Introducing them to the whole team on the first day;
  • Clearing a space in your diary to greet them as soon as they come in;
  • Arranging for them to spend time with senior management;
  • Having a training booklet printed out and ready for them;
  • Putting an induction programme in place and making sure all the necessary people are available to deliver it.

How DB Charles Recruitment Can Help

At DB Charles Recruitment, the service we provide our clients does not end at the hire. If you handle the new starter process badly then all the buzz and positive energy created at the interview stage can be lost. That’s why we work with you to create new starter plans that make sure both parties get off on the right foot. To find out more, please get in touch with our specialist recruitment consultants.