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Whether you’re an employee or an employer, it’s likely a global pandemic wasn’t part of your long-term plan. So is it time you started adjusting your goals?

We take a look at how and why you should be re-evaluating your objectives – from both a candidate and a company perspective.

Goal-Setting as an Employment Candidate

It’s undeniable that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of UK recruitment. New priorities may have replaced any previous aims you had as a candidate.

If you’re currently job-hunting in the UK, here are some thought exercises when it comes to adjusting your goals:

  • Assess your needs – Where high salaries and tempting perks were once desirable, longevity and stability are taking over. Think about what is important to you as a worker now, in light of the crisis. Talk to your recruiter about prioritising job security.
  • Think about how you want to work – As we all adjust to a new normal, navigating the return to work can be awkward. Set clear objectives for the kind of work environment that makes you feel safe. If you only feel comfortable working from home – or you have to for medical reasons – ensure any prospective employers offer flexibility and WFH options.
  • Think about the kind of employer you want to work for – Do your research into companies. How did they behave during lockdown? Did they take care of their employees? Company conduct in a crisis is a great indicator of how well you’ll be treated in the future.
  • Future-proof your career – Talking of the future, is it time to re-evaluate your career entirely? If the pandemic hit your industry hard, it might be time to look elsewhere. Read our full guide to changing your career.

Goal-Setting as a Company

When you’re a business that’s used to setting and achieving ambitious goals, a crisis can throw off your whole game plan.

Here are some considerations to keep you on track:

  • Be pragmatic – Are your current financial goals realistic amid a global economic downturn? Even the hardest working team can only achieve so much in a crisis. Be practical about any new goals you set for yourself, to avoid harming morale. That being said…
  • Don’t be tempted to abandon goals completely – It can feel uncomfortable to set objectives – financial or otherwise – in the middle of a disaster. But employees value clarity and direction. As long as the goals you set are realistic and achievable, they’ll give your team purpose.
  • Make employee wellbeing a goal – Mental health is just as important as physical health. We are all facing an unprecedented and scary situation so make sure your employees feel supported. Give your management teams the necessary training in mental health support. Remember that how you act now will reflect on your business for a long time to come.
  • Give your employees a voice  – There’s no greater barrier to success than the pressure of an unachievable goal. Include your employees in goal-setting to get their perspective on what is and isn’t realistic. Achievable goals lead to increased productivity.

Any time of upheaval is a chance to start adjusting your goals and re-evaluating what’s important. Take the opportunity to work out what matters to you as a candidate or a company, and you should be able to navigate this crisis and any you go through in the future.

If you want to set new goals as a candidate or improve your recruitment process as an employer, get in touch today to find out how we can help.