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At DB Charles, we often hear from clients who are frustrated with the level of service they have received from recruitment agencies. The trouble is that many businesses are looking for a full-service recruitment consultancy but end up working with a recruiter.
Recruiters tend to focus on satisfying the immediate needs of a business and generating an instant return without focusing on the longer-term. Rather than considering how they can add value by providing advice, information and networking opportunities, all they think about is their money-making capability.

Recruiter vs. consultant

There are distinct differences between recruiters and consultants. It’s important to note that neither is necessarily better than the other. The problems come when you call yourself a consultant but deliver the service of a recruiter. If you’re going to call yourself a recruitment consultant then you really need to act like one.

In many cases, recruiters are focused on instant success when what the client really needs is a partner. Of course, there are some businesses that have an instant need, in which case, the service you offer has to be exemplary from the off so the client never has to try another recruiter.

Most recruiters will phone a prospective client and if they don’t have an immediate need, they will simply move on. Is that the right way to work? Well, that depends what you’re looking for. As a recruitment consultant, it’s not just an immediate vacancy that we look for. Even if a company is fully staffed, it may need other areas of expertise that they do not have the time or skillset to solve.

What should a recruitment consultancy look like?

A recruitment consultant should offer an extensive range of services and have the capabilities to help businesses in the long-run. That includes:

  • Creating a recruitment framework;
  • Evaluating existing recruitment agencies and drawing up a preferred supplier list;
  • Salary surveys to make sure you’re not paying over or above market rates;
  • Creating job advertisements and descriptions that sell jobs in the right way;
  • Advanced interview techniques, negotiation and reference checking;
  • Support with matters of employment law;
  • Shortlisting techniques;
  • Creating a benefits package;
  • New starter plans and probation periods;
  • Professional mediation;
  • Exit interviews;
  • And more…

Which is right for you?

If your business has an effective recruitment process in place and would like help finding the right candidates, a recruiter can provide the service you need. If you are struggling to recruit the right candidates, are using countless agencies and overspending, we can work with you to create a sustainable recruitment framework that’ll make your business more efficient, productive and profitable.
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