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Needless to say, advances in social media and technology in the last few years have had a huge impact on industries of all shapes and sizes, and recruitment is no different. As with every industry, there are those working within recruitment that have been quick to embrace change and harness the power of new technology, and those who are reluctant to move away from the status quo.

In this article, we will look at the potential benefits social media and technology can bring recruitment agencies and explore whether they are being utilised quite as much as perhaps they should be.

Using Social Media for Recruitment

Social media has changed the way employers and recruitment agencies search for new talent. In that respect, those that are not embracing social media risk being left behind.

Traditionally, recruiters have used their websites and online job boards to recruit, but while there’s nothing wrong with job boards, they don’t give recruiters access to the greatest number, or potentially the best candidates. Social media is an excellent way for recruiters to reach those candidates who may not be actively searching for a new job but may well be tempted if the right offer comes along.

But that’s only one of the benefits of embracing social media in the recruitment industry. There are also plenty more…

  • Boost your brand – Social media can boost a recruiter’s brand presence and drive traffic to the recruitment activities they do. This helps to attract new and better candidates and increase the quality of hires.
  • Build a community – Creating an online community of candidates means you have an interested and engaged network of potential candidates to call on when new positions come along.
  • Engage with influencers – As well as engaging your own followers and fans, interacting with popular industry blogs on social media can help you tap into a new pool of potential recruits.
  • Embrace mobile recruiting – More and more candidates search for new jobs on their phones. Being active on social media platforms increases your mobile visibility and allows you to target candidates with specific job offers.
  • Create a better candidate experience – Social media allows recruiters to interact with candidates throughout the process, from pre-interview all the way through to appointment, to keep them up-to-date and involved.
  • Target passive candidates – Many individuals are simply unaware that employers are looking for new recruits in their industry. Social media platforms are an effective way to target passive candidates with specific skill sets and experience.

Embracing Technology to Find Jobs & Candidates

There has never been stronger links between technology and the world of recruitment. Finding skilled candidates in today’s economy is a tough task, which is why recruiters should embrace technology to take the industry to new levels of sophistication. But how can embracing new technology disrupt the industry in a positive way…

  • Flexibility for candidates and recruits – Tools like Skype for business and video technology are revolutionising the way interviews are held. This can help to overcome the challenges presented by existing work commitments and location, allowing agencies to target candidates from around the world.
  • More channels of communication – Everyone works in different ways. Picking up the phone to discuss a position may not be the favoured approach for a particular candidate. Contact options such as email, social channels and live chat help to broaden a recruiter’s reach.
  • Streamline the process – Technology can streamline many of the tedious and outdated systems to make the process more user-friendly and desirable for applicants. Candidate job portals, automatic tools on job boards and referral networks can all redefine the hiring process.

Technology will never eliminate the human element from the recruitment process. Only a human knows whether a candidate will be a good cultural fit for a particular role, but technology certainly has an important part to play in improving the recruitment process for everyone involved. The sooner agencies realise this, the better the industry will be.

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At DB Charles Recruitment, we help candidates ensure their social profiles are up to scratch as part of our preparation process and keep in regular contact with candidates throughout. And if you’re an employer currently looking to create or improve your social presence, the recruitment specialists at DB Charles are here to assist, with practical examples and best practice advice to help you attract the best talent available.

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